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GCSE World History

Curriculum Intent

Our mission is to create historians who have an enquiring mind, read critically, are able to appreciate how history is constructed, and see history as an unfolding story which involves us all.

Course description

Exam Board: AQA History (8145)

You will study:

  • Life in the USA 1920—1973. A study in social history, from the boom of the 1920s through to the Great Depression of the 1930s, the consequences of World War II for the USA and Civil Rights of the 1960s.
  • Conflict and Tension 1918—1939. An important period following World War I which helps us to understand the rise of Germany and the causes of World War II.
  • Britain, Health and the People. 1,000 years of medical history, from, the medieval Black Death through to pioneering vaccines.
  • Elizabethan England 1568—1603. The last of the Tudor Monarchs. A time of the growth of entertainment, exploration, war and the beginnings of England as an empire.


Two x 2 hour exams: Paper 1 - 50% and Paper 2 - 50%
Paper 2 includes a question based on a historical site we shall visit, either virtually or in person. 

Key Skills

You will develop the following skills:

  • How to interpret and evaluate sources
  • How to communicate and apply your knowledge
  • How to describe and analyse the periods studied
  • Critical thinking and problem solving

Where can it take you

GCSE History is a good route into studying A Level History offered here, at Windsor Sixth Form. Many careers value the skills developed during this course, some of the employers who actively seek historians include newspapers, law firms, the police force and management posts.

Further information

Please contact: Miss H Bonsall - Curriculum Leader of History

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