Windsor High School and Sixth Form, Richmond Street, Halesowen, B63 4BB
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challenge for all at windsor high school and sixth form

Challenge for All

We are committed to achieving the very best for all students, and our ‘Excellence for All’ motto reflects this. Through our inspiring and challenging curriculum, we aim to encourage all students to pursue excellence.

How do we encourage challenge for all?


  • Our Threshold Curriculum at Key Stage 3 has been created to allow for deep learning and the development of expertise is to do fewer things in greater depth.
  • We aim to ensure that lesson planning takes account of the need for challenge and a variety of learning strategies.
  • We enrich the curriculum through numerous activities including trips, visits, fieldwork, conferences, masterclasses, and enterprise and work related learning.
  • We aim to make best use of new technologies to enhance learning and autonomy.
  • We aim to support personalised learning by building flexible pathways into the curriculum.
  • The provision of difficult work that causes students to think deeply and engage in healthy struggle – a high challenge, low risk culture.


  • We aim to ensure that assessment policies reflect progression routes within subjects and are shared with the students.
  • We ensure assessment procedures allow sufficient challenge and reward for even the exceptionally able.
  • We aim to engage students in evaluating their performance against targets related to clear criteria.
  • We aim to enable students to take responsibility for their progress through assessment for learning.