Windsor High School and Sixth Form, Richmond Street, Halesowen, B63 4BB
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Our Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum exists to ensure all students regardless of background and ability can aspire to 'unlock their academic and personal potential'.  It empowers and equips students with the knowledge, character virtues and learning skills required to thrive in learning and in life.

Our curriculum has been designed to provide all students with access to a broad and balanced range of subject experiences, and is anchored in high challenge for all.  It will provide the platform for empowering and equipping students with the foundations for examination success and lifelong learning, and will empower all learners creating a pathway to success in university, their career and in life.

Our Curriculum Intent has been informed by a wide variety of researchers and thought leaders and has been designed collaboratively by subject experts.  Christine Counsell summarises the aspiration of our curriculum:

 A curriculum exists to change the pupil, to give the pupil new power. One acid test for a curriculum is whether it enables even lower attaining or disadvantaged pupils to clamber in to the discourse and practices of educated people, so that they gain powers of the powerful."

Our Curriculum Implementation

Our Curriculum Intent will be implemented through ‘engaging, enthusing and inspiring every lesson, every day.’ Our teaching and learning cycle ensures that the curriculum is delivered effectively so that all students make progress.

360 Cycle

All students across all key stages maximise their learning by having the opportunity to revisit learning and correct their misunderstandings.  The curriculum is organised into three cycles of learning, each cycle lasting 12-13 weeks in total. Within each cycle there are three distinct phases:

  1. Phase One (approx. 1 to 10 weeks) - Teach, embed, assess.
  2. Phase Two (approx. 1 week) - Performance stock take
  3. Phase Three (approx. 2 weeks) - Review and re-do