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GCSE Music

Curriculum Intent

Across The Windsor Academy trust, we encourage learners to be creative and to broaden their musical horizons and understanding with areas of study that inspire and challenge.  We enable learners to explore performance and composition with a focus on their own instrument and genre choices and offer opportunities to explore new instrumental skills.

Course description

Exam board: OCR

‘My Music’ - You can perform and compose in any style of music, on any instrument. Your choice.
‘The Concerto through Time’ - You will study a traditional style of music called ‘The Concerto’ and how it has developed from the Baroque era, through to later classical and romantic eras.
‘Rhythms of the World’ - You will study a mixture of different world music styles including ‘Indian, Punjab, Bhangra, Traditional Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music plus African drumming and Central/South American style of Calypso and Samba.
‘Film Music’ - You will study a range of different types of film Music plus video game music.
‘Conventions of Pop’ - A history and development of pop music styles from the 1950’s to the present day will be studied. Students will perform on a range of instruments in a variety of different ‘pop’ styles.


All coursework will be internally assessed by your music teachers as part of your practical assessment. Your performances and compositions will be recorded, which will finally be moderated by OCR. The listening exam is externally assessed by the examiners.

Coursework – 60% (no lengthy written work)
Listening exam - 40%

Key Skills

You will develop the following skills:

  • Communication and performance

  • Understanding of music

  • Problem-solving

  • Working with others

  • Improving own learning and performance

  • Composing, appraising and listening

  • Analyse music from around the world

  • Learn to use Music Technology software

Where can it take me?

Musical skills and knowledge would be an advantage in careers in Retailing, Leisure, Tourism, Media, Presenting, Journalism, sound engineering, entertainment and the performing arts. GCSE Music is a good path towards BTEC Nationals in Music, A Level Music, Music Technology and Performing Arts courses.

Further information

Please contact: Mr Craig Jasper - Curriculum Leader of Music

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