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GCSE Geography

Course description

Exam board: AQA

The GCSE Geography course at Windsor is a two year course that covers both human and physical geography alongside geographical skills. Within physical geography, you will study issues around natural hazards, physical landscapes of the UK including coasts and rivers, alongside ecosystems, tropical rainforests and hot desert environments. Your study of human geography will include urban issues and challenges, our changing economic world and resource management with a focus on water.

Throughout each unit, you will learn and develop a wide range of geographical skills including map skills, graph skills and statistical skills which:

  • Allows the opportunity for personalised and independent learning
  • Provides candidates, for whom GCSE will be the end of their formal study of geography, a clear overall view of the world in the first part of the 21st century
  • Provides a sound foundation for those candidates who intend to continue to study the subject to a higher level
  • Allows the development of ‘awe and wonder’ which will allow candidates to fully appreciate and learn from the world around them


You will sit three external examinations at the end of Year 11. There is no controlled assessment. Paper 1 and Paper 2 examine your physical and human geography knowledge respectively. Paper 3 assesses your ability to apply your geographical knowledge to current issues and fieldwork situations.

Key Skills

You will develop the following key skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Graphical and cartographical skills
  • Technological skills, including ICT Technology
  • Interpersonal skills through debate and discussion
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Problem solving skills
  • Map reading
  • Investigation and independent study
  • You will need to show a knowledge and understanding of geographical process around the world and apply them to your own experiences

Where can it take me?

GCSE Geography is an excellent foundation for further studies at Windsor Sixth Form. Whether it is A Level Geography or other Level 3 courses, a GCSE in Geography is a relevant platform for continued learning. Many different and varied careers beyond school also still respect the qualification and view it as being very useful.

You will have the opportunity to go on field study visits to North Wales and the local area during the course.

Further information

Please contact: Miss E Hodnette (Curriculum Leader of Geography)

Useful Websites

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