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GCSE English Language

Curriculum Intent

At Windsor Academy Trust we want to inspire a love of language and literature and to ensure our learners become effective readers, writers and speakers.

Course description

This course provides one GCSE qualification in English Language, although there is a clear crossover in skills between this and the GCSE English Literature course that students will also be completing.

During this course students will encounter a variety of writers through their study of both non-fiction and fiction texts. Opportunities for writing for different audiences, purposes and genres are present throughout the course and are examined at the end of Year 11 through GCSE. This will include writing both creatively in regards to descriptive writing, and persuasively in regards to arguing a point of view. Candidates will also be assessed on their ability to speak and listen appropriately in a range of different situations to develop confidence and skills vital for later life.

There is extensive support for students with a range of web-based support and new, high quality endorsed publications. A variety of booster and revision sessions are also available to students throughout their study to ensure they reach their true potential.

Key Skills

You will develop the following skills:

  • Reading and writing
  • Speaking and listing
  • Critical thinking and analysis


Exam Board: AQA

Two examinations, each worth 50% of the course, to be sat at the end of the course.

Where can it take me?

This specification provides a coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study for students, whether they wish to pursue the study of English Language beyond GCSE or whether GCSE will be their last experience of studying the subjects. The qualification provides a route to the study of English Language at A Level.

Further information

Please contact: Mrs J Taylor - Faculty Director of English or Miss E Stevens - Faculty Deputy of English

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