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Year 7 - My First Term

26th January 2024

We interviewed two brilliant Year 7 students today to find out how their first term went at Windsor High School and Sixth Form. This is what they had to say:

How has your first term in Year 7 been?

Darcy: Really good, the teachers are really good.
Sebastian: Really good. It's been interesting and I have learned a lot.

What is your favourite lesson and why?

Darcy: Art and Drama because they are fun lessons to take part in.
Sebastian: PE because I really like sport.

Do you go to any clubs at lunch for after school?

Darcy: I go to Dance and am currently enjoying rehearsals for the We Will Rock You production as I have a dance role in that. I am also a Librarian.
Sebastian: I go to football as I am part of the school football team and we have played matches against other schools.

IMG 3366

What is your best memory so far?

Darcy: The last day before Christmas as we had a year group assembly and the school band played which I really enjoyed.
Sebastian: Playing in my first school football game.

What is your ASPIRE sentence?

Darcy: I ASPIRE to be a creative Author. Other careers I am interested in are acting and being a lawyer.
Sebastian: I ASPIRE to be a creative Interior Designer. I would also like to be a professional or semi-professional Footballer.

What would be your advice for students starting in Year 7 in September?

Darcy: Don't worry about anything. You will make new friends.
Sebastian: Don't stress and don't listen to anything anyone says about high school. You will find out that it is fine.

Thank you to both students on their fantastic answers. We are so glad you are enjoying life at Windsor!