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Windsor High School and Sixth Form Empowers Year 7 Students with New iPads

15th September 2023

In a forward-thinking move to unlock academic and personal potential, Year 7 students at Windsor High School and Sixth Form were presented with state-of-the-art iPads this week. This initiative is poised to revolutionise the learning experience, equipping students with essential tools for success in the digital age.

To mark this momentous occasion, a special unboxing ceremony was organised for the students. Excitement and curiosity filled the air as they unwrapped their brand-new devices, symbolising the beginning of a new era in their educational endeavours.

Year 7 student Chloe said:

I was very excited to find the iPad box on my desk when I got to Form this morning. I have used it in all of my lessons today and it will be a valuable tool for my learning."

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The iPads have been carefully configured with a suite of educational applications and software tailored to various subjects. This integration promises an interactive and dynamic learning environment, fostering creativity and critical thinking. 

The IT department at Windsor High School and Sixth Form has worked diligently to ensure the iPads are fortified with robust security measures and equipped with appropriate parental controls. This ensures a secure online environment for all students, offering peace of mind to parents and carers.

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The introduction of iPads is part of Windsor High School and Sixth Form's broader commitment to cutting-edge educational practices. By seamlessly integrating technology into the curriculum, the school aims to nurture critical thinking, creativity, and digital literacy skills among its students.

As Year 7 students embark on this transformative phase of their academic journey, the iPads are poised to be a powerful catalyst for growth, unlocking new avenues for exploration and learning. With this innovative step, Windsor High School and Sixth Form continues to lead the way in modern, technology-driven education.