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Six Days in the Heart of New York

20th February 2024

As a group of 36 Sixth Form students from Windsor Sixth Form and Aspire Sixth Form, we embarked on a thrilling six day adventure, brimming with activities that whisked us through the grandeur of New York City's most iconic landmarks. Whether traversing the bustling streets on foot or navigating the subway system, our journey enveloped us in the vibrant tapestry of American culture, leaving us feeling like true New Yorkers.

The awe-inspiring heights of the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre provided dazzling vistas, while a boat ride offered a fresh perspective on the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge, revealing their splendours from a unique angle. Despite the brisk pace that mirrored the city's lively rhythm, we found moments of contemplation at the 9/11 Memorial, offering a poignant glimpse into the recent history etched into the city's soul.

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Amidst the urban dazzle, the city generously unfolded countless photo opportunities. From the timeless elegance of the Plaza Hotel (immortalised in Home Alone 2) to the Ghostbusters station and the iconic steps of The Met, each stop ignited excitement and nostalgia.

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IMG 20240213 WA0017We also delved into history at the American Museum of Natural History and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We savoured the diverse offerings of American-style cuisine that adorned the city streets and seized the opportunity to indulge in a unique shopping experience. New York City, with its multifaceted charm, left an indelible mark on our collective memory, a mosaic of shared experiences and vibrant snapshots of a city that never sleeps.