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Prospective Students Join Windsor High School and Sixth Form for its Annual Open Evening Events

13th October 2023

Windsor High School and Sixth Form opened its doors to prospective Year 7 students and their families during its annual Open Evenings last month, showcasing the rich tapestry of educational opportunities on offer.

During the evening the Headteacher, Mr Lanckham, gave talks to families and shared his vision for the school's future and the commitment to nurturing well-rounded, empowered individuals. The talks resonated with parents and students alike, emphasising the school's dedication to unlocking academic and personal potential. Our Head Boy and Head Girl also took turns in giving a student’s view of life at Windsor and how they feel after being a Windsor student for five years.

Visitors were then treated to a guided tour of the school facilities, led by teaching and professional services staff and enthusiastic prefects. The excellent facilities and vibrant classrooms left a lasting impression on many, providing a glimpse into the dynamic learning environment that Windsor High School and Sixth Form prides itself on.

The science department took centre stage with captivating experiments, drawing gasps of amazement and curiosity from young minds eager to delve into the world of chemistry, biology and physics. From “rainbow fizz” to “methane bubbles” to dissections, the experiments left no doubt that science is an exciting journey at Windsor High School and Sixth Form.

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History enthusiasts were in for a special treat as they explored captivating war exhibits, immersing themselves in the compelling narratives that defined our world today. Alongside these displays, history quizzes challenged visitors' knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of the past. The history department's commitment to breathing life into historical events was palpable, leaving prospective students with a newfound appreciation for this crucial subject.

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Music filled the air as the school's talented musicians and vocalists showcased their skills in the Twenty Ten café in the Sixth Form block. From classical compositions to contemporary hits, the performances demonstrated the school's vibrant arts culture and the nurturing environment for budding artists. There was even performance before the Headteacher's talk in the Hall for our waiting visitors.

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 In the PE department, sports enthusiasts had the opportunity to witness first hand the energy and camaraderie that define Windsor High School's approach to physical education. Demonstrations of teamwork and skill in various sports such as basketball, netball, badminton and tennis, left visitors inspired and eager to be a part of the thriving athletic community, not only in lesson time, but also in all the extracurricular activities that take place each week. 

A unique feature of the evening was the chance to engage directly with teachers and students. Prospective students and their families seized this opportunity to ask questions and gain insights into the school's various academic and extracurricular offerings. Conversations flowed, and the genuine warmth and enthusiasm of the school's community members were evident.

The high point was undoubtedly the sheer number of visitors - an impressive testament to the school's reputation and the eagerness of families to be a part of its legacy. The bustling corridors and engaged conversations reflected the collective excitement and anticipation for the educational journey ahead.

Prospective students and parents left the Open Evening with a sense of belonging and a clear understanding of the vibrant, inclusive community that Windsor High School and Sixth Form offers. The event was a resounding success, leaving no doubt that this esteemed institution will continue to unlock the academic and personal potential of its new Year 7 cohort in September 2024.

Headteacher, Mr Lanckham, said: 

It was a pleasure to meet so many of our local community and be able to show the amazing education on offer at Windsor High School and Sixth Form”.

A visiting parent said:

I just wanted to send a short message and feedback how wonderful the school’s open evening was.

My son and daughter really enjoyed it, the school was captivating, staff and pupils engaging with an infectious enthusiasm.

The French teacher who took us on the tour a wonderful ambassador for Windsor."

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