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Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl

3rd November 2023

Our Head Boy and Head Girl have been in their roles since September. Let's find out why they wanted to do this job and what they have been doing this term.

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Why did you decide to run for the Head Boy/Head Girl position?

Eliana: I decided to run for Head Girl because I have loved my time at Windsor. As I have been actively involved in various leadership roles over the years, I thought it would be a great way to give back to the school that has played such a significant role in my personal growth and development since I joined in Year 7. 

Joshua: I decided to run for Head Boy as it is a way for me to not only develop as a person, but also a way to better student life and give back to all of the teachers that have helped me learn.

What sort of things have you done so far in this position? 

Eliana: My main focus has been on improving the transition period for Year 7’s joining Windsor. I initiated Windsor’s first Year 7 Social Club, led by Prefects, which runs every lunchtime. This initiative was designed to offer Year 7 students the opportunity to establish new friendships and smoothly integrate into school life. I have also presented and given speeches to new Year 7 parents and prospective Year 6 families. I have also played a role in the interviewing process, both within the school for staff members and externally for Youth Workers across Dudley. 

Joshua: As Head Boy, I have interviewed candidates for positions not only as teachers, but also for NHS social workers working over the whole Dudley borough. I have guided visitors and led tours around the school for important visitors, and spoken at events, such as open evenings, to represent the school.

Is there anything you think Head Boy/Head Girl should be doing but have not yet had the opportunity?

Eliana: Not really, as we have been given so many opportunities already to represent the school, improve the school community and to elevate the student voice. 

Joshua: I think that because Windsor is also part of a larger Trust, that as Head Boy/Girl we could meet students from other schools in the Trust, to enable us to help other Head Boys and Girls make decisions that will benefit students on a larger scale.

What do you like about Windsor and being a student here?

Eliana: What I truly love about being a Windsor student is the strong sense of family that exists here. From the supportive staff to the wonderful friends I've made, I've always felt like I'm part of a tight-knit and supportive community.  

Joshua: Being a student at Windsor is great as it allows me to be stretched whilst also doing things I enjoy. The many trips and extracurricular activities all help me do this, as well as give me opportunities to experience new things.

What advice would you give to students who aspire to be Head Boy/Head Girl?

Eliana: To any Windsor student, not just those aspiring to become Head Boy or Head Girl, I would encourage you to recognise and take advantage of the many opportunities Windsor provides, to get involved in something new or different, to always try your best and to push your boundaries by challenging yourself where you can. Embrace each opportunity that comes your way, as it will help to shape your entire Windsor experience and may lead to greater things!

Joshua: Being proactive is one of the most important qualities, not just to be Head Boy, but for any leadership position - you not only learn to be independent and make your own opportunities, but you also learn valuable skills like organisation or communication along the way.

What are your career aspirations?

Eliana: My long-term aspiration is to study radiography at university and ultimately pursue a career as a Paediatric Radiographer. This path aligns with my passion for helping people, specifically children and contributing to their wellbeing through healthcare.

Joshua: In the future, I wish to study Physics and Astronomy at university in order to pursue a career in radio astronomy.

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