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Intercultural Awareness Workshop with PASCH

8th June 2023

Before half term, we were very glad to welcome back Simone Pfleigel from PASCH and the Goethe-Institut. As part of her visit, Simone led an Intercultural Awareness workshop with some GCSE German students. Within the workshop, delivered mostly in German, students were invited to discuss the differences between German and British stereotypes and begin to critically debate the meaning of culture in our everyday lives.

IMG 2085

A-Level German students also got involved with the day, delivering a spoken presentation about differences between East and West Berlin. Students also had a chance to ask a native speaker of German important questions about German history and differences that still remain today as a result of Germany’s past divide. 

IMG 2090

In the afternoon, Year 9 German students, who will be continuing their German studies at GCSE next year, embarked on a culture quest around Germany. Students used their iPads to complete a digital treasure hunt around some of Germany’s most famous tourist attractions. A massive congratulations to Hollie, Holly and Isobel who were the first team to successfully finish the quest!

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