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Inspiring a Love for Poetry: Windsor High School and Sixth Form Hosts Enthralling Symposium

21st April 2023

On a day filled with the magic of verse, Windsor High School and Sixth Form, a proud founding member of the Windsor Academy Trust family, hosted a spectacular poetry symposium led by renowned expert Dr Gary Wade. The event brought together students from Kingswinford Academy, Great Wyrley Academy, Cheslyn Hay Academy, and Windsor High School and Sixth Form for an unforgettable experience.

Miss Grace, English Faculty Director at Windsor High School and Sixth Form, and the mastermind behind the symposium, shared her thoughts on the event:

It was such a pleasure to see our students come together to explore their passion for poetry. I'd like to express my gratitude to Miss Rauf, Mrs Drummond and the English teams across the Trust for their unwavering support in organising this wonderful event. Witnessing our students' enthusiasm and creativity was truly inspiring."

The opportunity for this collaboration came about due to the connection between Dr Gary Wade and Mrs Lanckham, the WAT Strategic Leader of Teaching and Learning/Specialist Leader of Education. They had studied together at university in Northern Ireland, paving the way for this incredible event. We are very lucky to have members of the WAT Family that have such esteemed friends! 

Mr Lanckham, headteacher at Windsor High School and Sixth Form, also praised the event, saying:

This symposium has provided our students with an incredible opportunity to delve into the world of poetry and discover its transformative power. We're grateful to Dr Wade for sharing his expertise, and we look forward to seeing how our students will use this new found inspiration in their own work."

The dedicated staff at Windsor High School and Sixth Form worked tirelessly to create an engaging and inspiring atmosphere, allowing students to discuss poetry, expand their knowledge, and get inspired by Dr Wade's captivating insights. The event also offered a fantastic networking opportunity, enabling students to connect with like-minded peers.

Mrs Fidkin, an English teacher from Cheslyn Hay Academy, who brought a group of students to the event, expressed her gratitude: "Our students have benefited immensely from this symposium, both academically and personally. It was amazing to see them find their passion and purpose in the world of poetry, and we are truly thankful to Dr Wade for his captivating session."

Miss Goodman from Great Wyrley Academy, remarked: "This collaboration has been an enriching experience for our students. They've not only gained a deeper understanding of poetry but also developed their confidence in expressing themselves. I'm proud of their progress and grateful for this opportunity."

Mrs Whittaker from Kingswinford Academy shared her appreciation for the event: "It's fantastic to see our schools working together to foster a love of poetry in our students. The symposium has been an incredible opportunity for them to learn, share ideas, and grow as budding poets. I'm thrilled to have been a part of this enriching experience."

A special mention and thank you must go to Glenda, an extremely talented violinist and Year 10 student at Windsor High School and Sixth Form. Glenda opened the event with a stirring rendition of Bach’s ‘Concerto in A Minor’.

The poetry symposium proved to be a resounding success, and the Windsor Academy Trust family is grateful to Dr Gary Wade for inspiring the next generation of poets. With a future full of passionate young minds, the beauty of poetry will continue to flourish!