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ClassCharts Launch

4th January 2021 – Tags: ClassCharts

We are excited to announce the launch of ClassCharts at Windsor High School and Sixth Form. ClassCharts is an interactive software package that will be integrated into daily school life. It will enable you to fully engage in your child’s learning each day, seeing their behaviour interactions in each lesson, including the issuing of rewards and sanctions. There will be a period of transition during Spring Half Term 1, whilst we move our communication away from text messaging to the ClassCharts app.

Your child will have brought home the instructions needed to create your parent account before Christmas, which can be completed online on the ClassCharts website or directly via the app. The ClassCharts app can be downloaded for free on both iPhone and Android app stores respectively and will allow you to regularly keep up to date with your child’s progress.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.