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Exploring "Crossing the Line" with Author Tia Fisher

21st March 2024

Students had an incredible experience yesterday where they had the pleasure of meeting the talented author, Tia Fisher.

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Tia kicked off the session by introducing herself to the students, sharing her journey as an author and her passion for storytelling. With enthusiasm, she delved into the backstory of her latest book, "Crossing the Line." This gripping novel explores the lives of teenagers caught up in the dangerous world of county lines, where the allure of fast money and power comes at a devastating cost.

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The Q&A session that followed was filled with engaging questions from the students, ranging from writing techniques to the inspiration behind "Crossing the Line."

Then, Tia led an interactive workshop on verse novel writing. Guided by her expertise and encouragement, students embarked on a journey of creativity and self-expression as they explored their creativity of storytelling.

Some comments from studnets about the afternoon are below:

Meeting Tia Fisher was an absolute privilege. A truly inspiring workshop, eye opening to the process of writing a hit novel and the story behind it."

I really enjoyed meeting Tia Fisher. I was able to ask questions about her book and it made me understand the deeper meaning and the awareness of the novel."

It was really inspiring to learn about Tia’s journey through writing and the reasons behind the subjects that she writes about."

Tia's book "Crossing the Line" has just won the Teen Category at the Dudley Children's Book Awards 2024 - well done!

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