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A Spectacular Summer Showcase at the Wolverhampton Arena

19th June 2023

Windsor High School and Sixth Form presented a dazzling Summer Showcase at the Wolverhampton Arena, a state-of-the-art theatre at the University of Wolverhampton last week. The event saw a captivating mix of performances from Year 7-13 students and a special appearance from the Alumni Dance Company.

Miss Harris, the Curriculum Leader of Dance at Windsor High School and Sixth Form, did an exceptional job of compèring the event, introducing each performance with a brief background and setting the stage for the audience to immerse themselves in the unique narratives presented through dance. Performances ranged from exploring self-acceptance and resilience, to issues of climate change and societal expectations, each eloquently conveyed through dance.

Mrs Mclaughlin, the Trust Performing Arts lead, shared her thoughts, saying,

Tonight’s showcase is a testament to the hard work, creativity and talent our students possess. I am particularly proud of how they have interpreted and choreographed pieces around complex themes, proving that dance can indeed be a powerful medium of expression.”

The performances offered a diverse exploration of dance styles, from Contemporary and Jazz to Hip Hop and Street. A-Level students had the opportunity to present their choreography exam work, providing the audience with a glimpse into the creative process behind each piece.

One of the many standout performances of the evening was 'Escaping Reality', a group performance depicting the journey of a young girl into the world of reading and self-discovery. Equally compelling was the A-level solo ‘Trapped’, where dancers portrayed the struggle of breaking free from mental shackles and anxieties.

An exciting highlight of the evening was the collaboration with Kingswinford Academy, who contributed a captivating piece to the show. Their Headteacher, Mr. Moreton, who was in attendance, expressed his pride:

Seeing our students perform with such confidence and skill, alongside their Windsor peers, really underscores the power of collaborative efforts in the arts. It was a joy to witness."

In a nod to the rich legacy of dance at Windsor High School and Sixth Form, we were treated to a performance by the Alumni Dance Company, which includes some members who graduated a decade ago. Their continued passion for dance beautifully illustrates how the art form leaves a lasting impact, shaping our students' lives far beyond their school years. It was a testament to the lasting influence of our dance education and the strength of our community, past and present. We must not forget to mention the invaluable contribution of Mrs Edgar, another accomplished dance teacher at Windsor. Mrs Edgar single-handedly runs the Alumni Dance Company, and her tireless work ensures that the bond formed through dance at Windsor continues to thrive beyond the school years. Her dedication to fostering the love for dance in both current students and alumni is a testament to the strength of the Windsor dance community.

The evening concluded with a special performance from the Year 13 Dance leavers, a tribute piece celebrating their time at Windsor. The performance was a heart warming representation of their journey, showcasing the students' growth and accomplishment in their dance courses.

Reflecting on the evening, Mr Lanckham, the Headteacher, expressed, 

Tonight was not just about dance, but about the dedication and perseverance our students have shown throughout their courses. Seeing them shine on stage is a proud moment for all of us at Windsor High School and Sixth Form. It truly embodies our commitment to nurturing talents and providing opportunities for our students to excel.”

We invite you to browse through our gallery, capturing the highlights and incredible performances from the evening. The passion, talent, and dedication displayed by our students were truly inspiring, demonstrating how dance can powerfully express intricate themes and narratives.

Stay tuned for future performances from our gifted students, as they continue to push boundaries and express their creativity through dance.