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GCSE Religious Studies

Curriculum Intent

Developing religiously literate respectful citizens.

Course description

Exam Board: AQA

The course is divided into two sections:

  1. The study of two religions (Christianity and Islam) focusing on their beliefs, teachings and practices. Within this section of the course you will study a range of topics reflecting on what beliefs Christians and Muslims hold and how such beliefs affect their everyday lives. To support your understanding of whether a murderer deserves a place in Heaven if they repent their sins or how can we believe in an all-loving God in a world where evil exists?)
  2. The study of four philosophical and ethical themes:
    • Religion and Life
    • Religion, Peace and Conflict
    • Religion, Crime and Punishment
    • Religion, Human Rights and Social Justice

Within this section of the course you will engage in debates around both long-standing and contemporary debates reflecting on the views presented by Christians, Muslims, Atheists and your own opinion. For example you will be asked whether it is ever right to use a nuclear weapon or if we can take the life of another person for a crime they have committed?


100% exams
Two written exam papers of 1 hour, 45 minutes long.

Key Skills

You will develop the following skills:

  • Analysis – as you will be required to break down arguments presented by opposing sides to assess their validity.

  • Communication – as you will engage in debates where you respectfully listen and respond to the views presented by your peers.

  • Literacy – as you will be asked to write reflective responses to the issues raised and present a debate style answer for the 12 mark questions.

In addition to the above, many other key skills are developed through the study of Religious Studies.

Where can it take me?

Career Opportunities: Solicitor, Journalist, Teacher, Doctor or Nurse, Social Worker (all careers called, “The caring professions”).
GCSE Religious Studies is a valued qualification.

You may progress to A-Level Religious Studies at Windsor Sixth Form. This is accepted by all Russell Group Universities. GCSE Religious Studies is valued as a foundation for other A-Level subjects, including: English, History, Law, Sociology, Criminology and Psychology.

Further information

Please contact: Miss A Ravenscroft - Curriculum Leader of RS

Useful Website

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