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computer science

GCSE Computer Science

Not to be combined with CNAT IT

Curriculum Intent

Our mission is to ensure students gain a broad range of digital skills to prepare them for the ever evolving digital world.

Course description

Exam Board: AQA

In this course you will develop your programming skills with a view to building functioning applications. In addition you will learn how a computer works at the base level and have opportunities to work collaboratively in a manner which mirrors that in industry.

Paper 1: Computational thinking and programming skills
Computational thinking, code tracing, problem solving, programming concepts including the design of effective algorithms. Students will be required to design, write, test and refine Python program code.

2 hour written exam - 50% of GCSE.

Paper 2: Computing concepts
Fundamentals of data representation, computer systems and networks, cyber security, relational databases and structured query language (SQL) and the ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology on wider society. Students will be required to write and refine SQL.

1 hour 45 minutes written exam. 50% of GCSE.

Key Skills

You will develop the following skills:

  • To understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, decomposition, logic, algorithms, and data representation.
  • Be able to analyse problems in computational terms through practical experience of solving such problems, including designing, writing and debugging programs.
  • Think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically. You will be able to apply mathematical skills relevant to Computer Science.

Where can it take me?

This course enables students to study the subject at A Level or university. The increasing importance of computing means there will be a growing demand for professionals who are qualified in this field. The course is also an excellent preparation if you want to study or work in areas that rely on the skills you will develop, especially where they are applied to technical problems. These areas include engineering, financial and resource management, science and medicine.

Further information

Please contact: Miss M Nugent  - Curriculum Leader of Computer Science

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