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GCSE Art and Design

Curriculum Intent

At Windsor Academy Trust our curriculum exists to ensure all students regardless of background and ability can aspire to ‘unlock their academic and personal potential’. It empowers and equips students with the knowledge, character virtues and learning skills required to thrive in learning and in life.

Course Description

If you want to develop skills in Art and Design, expand your creativity and imagination then you will enjoy GCSE Art and Design. In this course, you will explore a wide range of media, surfaces and techniques with endless possibilities for personal expression. After recording your ideas and observations through photography and drawing, you will develop your ideas with reference to a range of artists and styles. You will experiment with a wide range of media, later concluding your work by producing a final outcome.


Exam Board: AQA

Assessment will be based on ability to record and develop ideas, investigate artists, refine work using a range of media, materials, techniques and processes and present outcomes demonstrating visual language.

There are two components to the course:

Worth 60% of the qualification, you will submit two projects consisting of preparatory studies, developmental work and a conclusion.

AQA Set Task
Worth 40% of the qualification, you will select one of the themes set by the exam board. You will produce preparatory studies, covering all the assessment objectives, over a period of twelve weeks. The final piece will be produced under exam conditions over two days.

Continuing your projects outside of lessons is vital. The Art Department is flexible in offering lunchtime, after school clubs and catch up sessions to support this. It is expected that students purchase a folder and sketchbook from the department and it is advisable to have a basic set of art equipment.

Key skills

You will develop the following skills:

  • Practical skills exploring different media, materials, techniques and processes
  • Drawing skills, creative and experimental
  • Research skills- gallery visits, books, internet, art movements, artists, designers and craftspeople
  • Improving own learning, developing independence and time management
  • Communication and problem solving
  • Information technology
  • Writing skills—annotating, analysing and evaluating

Where can it take me?

A level Art and Design is available to study at Windsor Sixth Form. The preparation at GCSE really lends itself well to this course.

Career Route/Courses: Further and Higher Education courses or Apprenticeships (A level or BTEC) in a range of art and design based specialisms. Art and Design, Fine Art, Photography, 3D Design, Graphic Design, Textile Design and Fashion are popular routes.

You will benefit from studying Art if you are interested in the following: Animator, architect, art therapist, art gallery curator, community arts, costume designer, fine artist, florist, furniture designer, fashion designer, graphic designer, illustrator, interior designer, jewellery designer, landscape artist, photographer, printmaker, prop maker, product designer, set designer, web designer, textile artist, make-up artists.

Further information

Please contact: Miss S Jefferies - Curriculum Leader of Arts and Technology

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