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School Uniform

At Windsor High School we believe that school uniform helps to instil a sense of belonging to the school. We expect all parents to support our view that school uniform helps to create an orderly atmosphere conducive to work and a positive image in the community; failure to wear the correct uniform will result in sanctions in line with the school’s Behaviour Policy. The school holds a stock of uniform and shoes; if students attend school dressed inappropriately they will be expected to borrow items and change, the schools decision is final

Uniform can only be purchased from our online supplier

Main School Uniform

  • Black sensible length skirt and/or black tailored trousers
  • White shirt or blouse – long enough to be tucked in
  • School tie
  • Black plain Windsor High School ‘V’ neck jumper (optional)
  • Black blazer with the school badge worn on the blazer pocket
  • Plain black formal leather shoes
  • Black or natural tights
  • Black or white socks

Hoodies are not allowed in school.

Boys PE Kit

Compulsory items:

  • School reversible rugby shirt
  • School polo shirt
  • School PE shorts
  • School PE socks
  • Training shoes

Optional items:

  • School tracksuit pants *
  • School zip up training top *
  • Football/rugby boots (advised for football and rugby on field)

*students will not be allowed to wear their own (unbranded) top and trousers for PE

Girls PE Kit

Compulsory items:

  • School polo shirt
  • School PE shorts
  • School leggings
  • School PE socks
  • Training shoes

Optional items:

  • School tracksuit pants *
  • School zip up training top *

*students will not be allowed to wear their own (unbranded) top and trousers for PE

You can view guides to sizing and registering/ordering below.

Sizing guide

Registering/order guide

All other items can be purchased easily from a variety of local shops/chain stores. 

We strongly advise all parents to ensure all items of their child’s school uniform and PE kit are clearly marked with their name and tutor group.

For clarification:

  • School skirts should be of an appropriate length, which we deem to be between knee length to just above the ankle.
  • Trousers should be black cotton school trousers (stretch/lycra trousers, denim, skin tight leggings or jeggings are not acceptable or suitable).
  • All students should wear plain black formal leather shoes (trainers and plimsolls are not acceptable footwear).
  • Headscarves must be plain black.
  • Ties must be fastened correctly  to cover the fastened top button of the shirt.

Jewellery - students may wear:

  • A wrist watch (not a smart watch).
  • One discreet ring on each hand.
  • A maximum of one stud per earlobe is permitted.
  • Facial piercings are not permitted, including nose studs.


Unnatural hair colours/highlights are not acceptable.  Extreme patterns, styles or lines cut into the hair are not allowed.

Make up

Natural, discreet, barely noticeable make up is permitted; if it is deemed excessive or inappropriate students will be asked to remove it. False eyelashes and eye liner should not be worn in school; the school's decision is final.

Nail polish

False/acrylic nails/tips and nail polish are not permitted in school. Failure to adhere to this will result in the student being asked to remove them or the nail polish.

Mobile Phones/Smart watches

  • If mobile phones are seen or heard during the school day then they will be confiscated and arrangements made for their return at the end of the school day.
  • Smart watches are not permitted.

The school will determine what is acceptable and suitable in the interests of maintaining high standards and student’s modesty.