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Windsor Alumni Interview - Sophie Stone

24th February 2023

At our Year 9 Options Fair last half term, some of our Windsor Alumni came along to talk to students about their Options choices and what career path they have gone on to since leaving Windsor. 

We interviewed Sophie Stone, an ex-Windsor student who is currently a professional dancer. Find out more below about her favourite things at Windsor and how she progressed in her career.

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When were you a student at Windsor?
2008 - 2015

What is your lasting memory of your time at Windsor?
Sixth Form - I loved it!

Were there any school trips that had special memories for you?
The Dance trip to Baltimore in America - it was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

What was your favourite subject at school and how did it impact you?
Dance - I looked forward to it and now it is my career.

Which of your teachers at Windsor were most influential and why?
Mrs Mclaughlin, Miss Harris and Mrs Edgar prompted my career from the start and were very motivating!

What advice would you give your 18 year old self now?
Believe in yourself - anything is possible!

How did Windsor prepare you for the path career path you took?
I felt like I had amazing teachers that pushed me and were also very knowledgeable about the subject.

If you had to sum up Windsor in one word, what would it be?
Incredible! The best starting point I could have asked for!

Some great memories and advice from Sophie, and her next job is working at the Monaco Grand Prix! Good luck Sophie! 

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