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Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl

16th December 2022

Our Head Boy and Head Girl have been in their roles since September. Let's find out why they wanted to do this job and what they have been doing this term.


Why did you decide to run for the Head Boy and Head Girl positions?

Jacob: I believed that the role of Head Boy would allow me to flourish personally as well as having the opportunity to help improve a school that has helped support me so much.

Farida: I believed by getting the position of Head Girl I would be able to leave this school with giving something back and with having made a change. I also saw head girl as an opportunity to improve my self-confidence.

What sort of things have you done so far in this position?

Jacob: So far I have given speeches to student and parents, which has helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. I have also had meetings with prefects and senior prefects to discuss ideas as well as having meetings with people like the CEO of Windsor Academy Trust and the Director of Secondary Education, as well as our own Headteacher.

Farida: Since before Head Girl, I’ve worked in improving our sustainability in school and I’ve used my position to further try and push that. I’ve been to eco summits and worked with our eco team to continue to improve the most we can. I also took a lead on charity in school and am trying to bring back House charities. I have continued on the student panel during some new staff interviews. Together, we have both also taken part in open evenings and induction evening (speaking to parents as well as doing a speech).

Is there anything you think Head Boy/Head Girl should be doing but have not yet had the opportunity?

Jacob: I think so far we have done quite a lot around the school but we now need to start putting the ideas we have come up into action around school and in school life.

Farida: I would love to be able to organise more events and go on more trips across the academy or to other schools.

What do you like about Windsor and being a student here?

Jacob: Within school I have been pushed academically to achieve my best with amazing teachers at the forefront of that. As well as that, as a Windsor student, I have also really enjoyed the friends I have been able to make here and the community that can be felt especially within Form groups.

Farida: I like how the student voice is really listened to and how teachers really try and give students the best opportunities that they can. Also Windsor is open to diversity and the things that make us different, and I think that is really important.

What advice would you give to students who aspire to be Head Boy/Head Girl?

Jacob: To those who want to be Head Boy in the future I would suggest getting involved with everything you can within the school while also committing yourself to your academic studies. Join the Senate and join extra-curricular clubs, and even help run your own clubs with teachers. Just try to show off your skills, especially ones that are transferrable to the role, but also be honest about your shortcomings because you will continue to improve once you have the role.

Farida: Don’t care about what others think or might think/say about you. Just go for it and you’ll be able to positively surprise yourself and others.

What are your career aspirations?

Jacob: Post 16 I am going to be studying chemistry, biology and maths at sixth form. This will hopefully lead to me being able to secure a place in a university studying medicine to become a doctor. Currently I am interested in the field of forensic pathology, however I am still very open to other ideas, especially within the scientific fields.

Farida: I aim to go into creative design in the future, such as graphic design or interior design.